Why Should You Consider Installing Floating, Pine, or Parquet Floors?

Floating Floors – The Truth Revealed

floating floor installationI am sure you have heard the term floating floors before. I know when I first heard it, I was not sure what it really meant. Well I am here to reveal the truth behind the floating floor.

The reason why this type of flooring is called floating is because it is not physically attached to the surface below it. What this means ids that the floor is not nailed down or glued down and is technically free to move around – hence the term floating.

One of the reasons for having the floor “float” is that it can expand and contract freely with temperature fluctuations. this puts less stress on the floor ad gives you a longer lasting product.

When a floating laminate floor is installed, a gap of about 1/4″ is left around the edges of the room for this expansion from the temperature changes. You don’t actually see this gap because it is covered by the baseboards.

A floating wood floor adds a great look to any home, is affordable and can be installed easily by the avid do-it-yourselfer.

Pine Flooring – A Clean, Classic Look

pine flooringPine flooring is the perfect combination of modern and traditional flooring. Like other wood floors, pine floors have a classic beauty. They are also perhaps the best suited of all wood floors to our modern interiors, because of their clean, light look. If you still associate hard wood with dark, paneled interiors, think again. Pine gives an airy, uncluttered feel to any room in your home.

Contrary to what some believe, pine is not too soft to make a good floor. There are different varieties of pine, including harder varieties of pine that make very durable wood floors.

Pine is usually used in a plank style floor, to show off the beauty of the wood. There will be natural knot holes and graining that contrast nicely with the light color of the whole floor.

This type of flooring may contract slightly, depending on the temperature of the room. To avoid this, most companies will recommend that you store the pine wood panels in the room where they will be installed for a period of about two weeks. In this way, by the time the flooring is installed, it will have acclimatized to the space. No further shrinkage will occur after the floor is installed.

Like other wood floors, a pine floor will continue to be attractive and easy to maintain for many years to come. The unique beauty of this floor is the perfect backdrop for modern or classic interiors.

Parquet Floor – Add Dimension And Style To Any Room

parquet flooringThere is no doubt that the parquet floor can add to any room in the house. With it’s detailed patterns and textured look, it is sure to add dimension to even the blandest of rooms.

Parquet floors have been around for many years and were once used as a cheaper alternative to planks or strips of hardwood. Because the pieces were so much smaller, even wood once destined for the scrap heap was now considered usable.

Although in the olden days the time taken to lay all the different little pieces of wood in an intricate parquet pattern was huge, nowadays the parquet comes in tiles or even planks, making the installation much easier.

With the advent of laminate flooring, parquet is no longer the cheaper alternative. In recent years parquet floor coverings have been gaining popularity once again. Who knows, you may start seeing it in more an more homes as people embrace its contemporary look once again.

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