Top 3 reasons why carpet flooring is a bad choice

Do you like wall-to-wall carpets at home? Many people do around the world. Well, it definitely feels comfortable to walk on and looks good as well. But maintaining carpet floors can be hard. It can also be dangerous for health. For practical reasons, it is no more a popular choice for flooring. Here are the main reasons why.

#1 Cleaning

Cleaning vomits and stains can be difficult if your floor is carpeted. They get stuck in the fibers and are very difficult to take out. If you spill something, then it’s very hard to get rid of the stain produced. The fibers also get worn out due to continuous spilling. If you have pets like dog or cat in your house then they might make the carpet dirty which will be difficult to clean.

#2 Allergies

Dusts accumulate on carpets causing allergies. Dust mites might start living in your carpets. People who have allergies may have breathing problems due to carpets. Kids who sit on the carpet for a long time may develop allergies or breathing problems as well.

#3 Toxic chemicals

Carpet is made from synthetic materials. Therefore, toxic chemicals are present which keep on releasing gas for many years. These can have very harmful effects on the health.

These reasons are enough to tell you that carpet flooring may not be a good choice. There are different flooring materials available now which are better than carpets. So, use those for your residential flooring.

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