The Goodspar Base magazine can be a bible for your home flooring and paving requirements. You will get to know everything on pavement and flooring here. The magazine is written by industry experts who have been in the business for many years. They have put down their years of experience in writing in this magazine.

The magazine has both online and printable format. We currently publish 20,000 copies of the magazine monthly. Our online subscription has now crossed millions. One of the main reasons for the popularity of our magazine is that it’s rich in useful contents. Readers actually benefit from reading our magazine. The pictures are of very high resolution. Our photographers have done an excellent job.

There are two forms of subscription options for our readers. One is the classic option and the other is the star option.

Classic subscription

You will get 12 digital editions of the magazine, the latest building tablet app and access to the online magazine. All these will cost you only $29.99 per year.

Star subscription

This is the recommended type of subscription. With this subscription option you will get 12 copies of printed magazine for the year. You will also get 12 digital editions, print supplements, goodies, and many more. The subscription rate is $34.99 per year.

Please note that VATs are not included with the prices. Though the annual subscription rate is mentioned, you can also pay monthly. You will get free delivery of magazine to your home no matter which type of subscription option you choose.

You can pay by your Debit card, Credit card,or PayPal. So, without further delay subscribe with us today!