The 4 best paving materials for your driveway


It is the most popular option for residential driveways. Concrete is versatile and can give variety of looks. You can recreate the look of natural stone and brick using stamping and coloring. This will cost you much less than original stone and brick. Concrete driveways can give a unique appearance to the entrance of your house. Concrete is extremely durable. It can withstand natural disasters like earthquakes. #2 Better Brick

The appearance of gravel driveways is very simple. But you need to properly install it to look good. It is also an affordable material for driveways. #4 Asphalt

Asphalt is made from stone aggregates, bitumen and water.

 You can use precast concrete pavers that will give you the look of brick, but at a more affordable price

You can choose one of the above materials for your driveway

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